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ZOO - GUILTY (1978)

Zoo from Stokmarknes had two quite different careers; in the first period the group focused on English-language rhythm & blues, while in the second and far more famous period the menu was catchy pop rock with Norwegian lyrics. Zoo changed its name to Focus in 1970, but a couple of years later they had to change back again when the Dutch band Focus appeared. A contract with local label Experience Records saw the band's record debut in 1974; the single "Ormen Lange". At the start of 1977, Zoo was reduced to a quartet with Dahl, Høynes, Larsen and newcomer Trond Nyrud (flute, saxophone). The band was now on bare ground. Ketil Stokkan (vocals, guitar) came to Stokmarknes from Harstad in 1977 with a record contract in his pocket and a bunch of self-composed songs in English. He contacted Zoo, and became the band's driving force through six years and as many LPs.


1 I Once Was Sixteen

2 The Funk Is In My Soul

3 Memories

4 A Tribute To The Groupies

5 Nobody Rides For Free

6 Guilty

7 Head And Tail

8 My Love For You Was Strong

9 Reflections

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