Delivery and delay.

Delivery of the products takes place in the manner, at the place and at the time indicated on the order confirmation. We bear the risk for the products until they are taken over by you, i.e. when you have received the products in your possession. If the delivery of the products is delayed, we will give you information as soon as we are aware of it, together with information about and possibly when delivery can take place, or whether the product(s) are sold out. Depending on the nature of the products and the length of the delay, you can, depending on the circumstances, withhold the purchase price, demand delivery, demand compensation or terminate the agreement.

Prices and delivery

• All prices are stated including VAT. and e.g. shipping, unless otherwise expressly stated.
• Prices are constantly changing and we therefore reserve the right to change prices as a result of changed prices from our suppliers.
• We reserve the right to refuse delivery of all goods based on price fluctuations and the stock situation. We also reserve the right to refuse delivery of all goods based on competition and all other reasons.
• All delivery times stated by us must be considered indicative. Delivery time means the time of arrival of goods at our warehouse. Elapsed time for picking, packing and possible production is added before handing over the shipment to the carrier. When time is given in number of days, it means weekdays and the charterer's time is always added. We reserve the right to deviate from and or change the stated delivery time without further notice.
• Any price changes that occur after the time of ordering that are not due to errors (see below) do not have retroactive effect.
• If there has been a typographical or printing error of a significant size on our part, in advertisements etc. and/or in the online store that is greater than 15% of the normal retail price, we can unilaterally change, delete or reject orders. This applies even if the customer has received an order confirmation or similar. However, such errors must be corrected within a reasonable time after the error is discovered.

Delivery time.

Normal delivery time in Norway from the time the package is handed in is:

• 1 working day for delivery in southern Norway
• 1-2 working days for delivery elsewhere in Norway
• 2-5 working days for delivery in Scandinavia

It is also possible to have the package delivered to your workplace if this is more convenient for you. This address is then entered as the delivery address before you complete your purchase.

Examination of the products.

After you have received the products, you should, as soon as you have the opportunity to do so, check whether the delivery is in accordance with the order confirmation, whether the products have been damaged during transport, or whether the products otherwise have faults or deficiencies.

Sales deposit

We have a lien on the delivered products until the purchase price, including interest and costs, has been paid in full. We have a sales pledge in the sold goods as security for our claim on the purchase price with the addition of interest and costs, cf. 3-14 et seq. of the mortgage law. Only companies and public agencies are allowed to buy goods on credit, and a credit assessment will be carried out before the invoice is issued.

How much does shipping cost?

We ship orders to all of Scandinavia. The postage for your order will vary based on the delivery address and weight of the shipment. Some examples are reproduced below.


Fixed price for all orders: NOK 99
Free shipping for orders over: NOK 1,000


Fixed price for all orders: NOK 99
Free shipping for orders over: NOK 1,000

Complaints - Consumer Purchase Act of 21 June No. 34 2002

If an error or defect is discovered, the consumer must, within a reasonable time after he or she discovered, or should have discovered it, notify the seller that he or she wants to invoke the defect (complaint). The deadline for advertising is nevertheless not shorter than two months from the time when the consumer discovered the defect. Complaints must be made no later than two years after the consumer took possession of the item. If the thing or parts of it are intended to last significantly longer in normal use, the deadline for advertising is five years. If the consumer does not complain in time, the right to assert the defect is lost. A defect that appears within six months of the consumer taking possession of the thing (normally the time of delivery) shall be presumed to have existed when the risk passed. Notification of errors and defects in the products can be given to us orally or in writing. For reasons of evidence, we recommend that the complaint be sent to us in writing, primarily by applying for a return on our website. If there is a defect in the item and the consumer has made a complaint within the aforementioned deadlines, the consumer can assert the following defect rights:

• Withhold the purchase price
• Under certain conditions, choose between correction or redelivery
• Require cancellation if the defect is not insignificant (assuming that the goods are in the same condition and quantity, 51)
• Demand a refund

If the seller's correction or redelivery will result in the consumer being prevented from using the thing for more than a week (we interpret this as running from the time the thing has been received by us), the consumer has, under certain conditions, the right to demand that a replacement item be made available for the seller's bill. As a general rule, the seller is not entitled to make more than two attempts at rectification or redelivery for the same defect. If there is no defect, the seller can only demand payment for investigations that have been necessary to determine whether there is a defect, and payment for repairing the thing, if the seller has made the consumer expressly aware that he or she must cover such costs, 30. If the customer takes measures on his own initiative to rectify the deficiency beyond what may have been agreed with us, we will not pay these costs.


Our guarantees do not imply any restrictions on the complaint deadline for goods according to the Consumer Purchase Act.

Right of withdrawal

The Right of Cancellation Act gives you the right to cancel your purchase. The right of withdrawal applies to goods and to certain services (see exceptions in the last section). The right of withdrawal requires that you notify us of this no later than 14 days after you receive the delivery (withdrawal period). If you have not received a right of withdrawal form either in the order confirmation or upon delivery of the products, this period is extended to three months. In order for the right of withdrawal to be exercised, the product must be delivered to us in approximately the same quantity and condition as you received it. All products must be returned to us within a reasonable time. Any return shipping must be paid for by you. You bear the risk of the transport back to us. We are obliged to pay back to you what you have paid including postage for the shipment to you, handling fees, customs fees, collection fees, etc. This only applies when the entire purchase is returned. Refunds must be made within fourteen days after we receive the product from you. The product is sent back to us in its original packaging, together with a right of withdrawal form. Further information on how to use the right of withdrawal can be found in the right of withdrawal form. The right of withdrawal does not apply to products when the seal on the physical product has been broken. When purchasing products in electronic format (sound or image recordings, computer programs, word files, pdf files, etc.) the right to cancel the order is waived once you have received the electronic shipment with the file on your server or the license code/information has been made available . The right of withdrawal also does not apply to time-limited benefits, such as cinema tickets, or to goods that deteriorate quickly, such as flowers.

How to return a product

If you return a product to us, it is necessary that you include your original order number in addition to your full name, address and account number. Without this information, we will not be able to process a refund of your purchase. If your return is a complaint, we ask for a written explanation of what you perceive to be wrong with the product.

If you use the statutory right of withdrawal, you must remember to fill in and attach the right of withdrawal form you received with the shipment.

Our address for returns is:
Falck Forlag AS
Storgata 7
0155 OSLO, Norway

Depending on how you send the package, it can take up to a week for us to receive it. Once we have received the shipment and inspected the product(s), we will refund your purchase within 2 working days.


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