Zoo - Captured In Zoo - 1978 - 70's - NACD358

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Zoo from Stokmarknes had two quite different careers; in the first period the group focused on English-language rhythm & blues, while in the second and far more famous period the menu was catchy pop rock with Norwegian lyrics. Zoo changed its name to Focus in 1970, but a couple of years later they had to change back again when the Dutch band Focus appeared. Captured in Zoo was Zoo's debut album and here they sang in English. Only on their third, they sang in Norwegian and had a great success. But many believe this is the strongest.

1 Rock & Love Story

2 Lady Yes & No

3 A Revelation

4 Who Are You? (A Way)

5 I Did It For Your Love

6 Captured In Zoo

7 Lily Of The Street

8 Trivial Words Of Love

9 Rock And Roll Away The Blues

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