White Lord Jesus - Amen - 1984 – KZ – NACD143

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WLJ consisted of Thomas Robsahm on keys and Arvid Skancke-Knutsen on vocals. They released the album in November 1984 Amen on Thomas Robsahm's own cassette company, Neronastri. Here, 10 of the 11 songs from this summer's session were included, and the repertoire ranged from drama-dynamic and obsessive drum machine-pumping post-punk to string ballads and piano soirees. The album received many positive reviews, sold over 2,000 copies over the next year, and was among the best-selling cassette albums of the era often referred to as the cassette wave. Amen was voted cassette of the year in both Nye Takter and Puls.

1 Showtime!

2 Mary's Room
3 Song For A Dark Girl
4 Augustus Walla I
5 Jimmie's Got A Goil
6 Storm Coming Down
7 Augustus Walla II
8 Monster Body
9 (Any) Tristan (Must Die)
10 After My Death

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