Wenche Myhre - Wenche - 1976 - 70s - NACD233

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Wenche Myhre is, since Sonja Henie, next to a-ha, the biggest international artist from Norway. From her debut in the 1960s, she has had success with a number of songs in Norwegian, Swedish, German and Danish. The album Wenche is the ninth studio album by Wenche Myhre which was released in 1976. The album was recorded in Rosenborg Studios in Oslo in July 1976 and received a Spellemannpris. The album was more or less written by Jan Eggum - i.a. the very first version of "En natt forbi", before Eggum himself immortalized it, as well as a Norwegian version of Paul Simon's "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover".


1 Sambario

2 Skogens sønn

3 Blås i min lur

4 En natt forbi

5 Et fint bur

6 To

7 Farvel kan sies på mange måter

8 Det er slike ting som hender

9 Syng en sang

10 Vil du aldri bli ærlig

11 Hun stjal en blomst

12 Jeg er som deg

13 Farmors hus

14 En snømanns siste tid

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