Vömmöl Spellmannslag - Vömmöl'n - 1974 - 70s - NACD522

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Vømmøl Spellmannslag was a left-wing radical deputy group from Trøndelag founded in 1973 by Hans Rotmo. The band released the albums Vømmøl'n (1974), Vømlingen (1975) and Vømmølåret (1984) - as well as the compilation album Vømmølmusikken (1996). Vømmøl'n is the debut album of Vømmøl Spellmannslag and was released on the anti-capitalist record company MAI in 1974. The album consists of a collection of songs written by Kristian Schravlevold, alias Hans Rotmo, in the period between 1967 and 1974. The lyrics of the songs are to establish the story of the fictional village Vømmøldalen and surroundings. The Spellmannslagen's purpose is to depict life in Vømmøl and Porselen municipalities and to give outsiders knowledge of the culture in the area. Most of the texts are politically charged with a populist and/or communist touch. The album spent a total of 49 weeks on the VG list in 1974, 1975 and 2009, with No. 2 as the best position.

1 Vømmølstev

2 Høvlerivisa

3 Peder og Hammarforsens brus

4 Vinterbruden

5 Martin Svingen

6 Spæll åt mæ

7 Vømmøl'n

8 Gammel-Thomas

9 Tango kapital

10 Porcelenstrand

11 Jonassen

12 Ann-Magritt

13 Dæven han ta

14 Johan Møkkerbakken

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