Vanessa - City Lips - 1975 – Jazz - NACD480

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VANESSA – CITY LIPS (1975) Vanessa was a Norwegian rock band and jazz group, formed in 1973. The band made their recording debut in 1975 with the album City Lips. The band was working on its third record when the group disbanded in 1978. City Lips was their first album and consisted of Svend Undseth, Frank Aleksandersen, Haakon Graf, Brynjulf ​​Blix, Knut Værnes and Jan Erik Pedersen. The record moves in a progressive fusion/jazz rock landscape and was released on Nils Bjarne Kvams On Records. In many ways, this was also the start of Compenduim Records, which was formed the following year.

1 Candy Dandy And The Fat Rat

2 Leaves Of Love

3 Billy Bop And The Jungle Jam

4 Rat And Cat Dance

5 City Lips

6 Milky Unit

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