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Undertakers Circus was a band from Lillestrøm that existed between 1967 and 1976. Despite the name, Undertakers Circus was one of the earliest Norwegian rock bands to sing in Norwegian, and a number of the lyrics had a political sting. Among other things, the band set the melody to two poems by Rudolf Nilsen, while others dealt with Norwegian history and Norse mythology. Musically, the band was inspired by bands such as Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago and played rock with full brass. In 1975 came the band's second LP, Brød & Circus, this time as Undertakers Cirkus (now written with a k). On this one, only four of the eleven members who had taken part in Ragnarock were still there. Producer for the record was Nils Bjarne Kvam. Shortly after, the band disbanded.

1 På Huset

2 Små Blå Og Hvite Busser

3 Glass Og Stål

4 Hva Vil Vi

5 Et Dagbla'

6 Kom Alle Sammen

7 Sang Til En Stjert

8 Brød & Cirkus

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