Ultra Sheriff - Galactic Fame - 2010 – 90/00/10/20s – NACD357

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Ultra Sheriff is a biomechanical trio from outer space who focus on catchy danceable songs and the extermination of humanity and all organic life! Ultra Sheriff started as a home studio project in Trondheim in 2007, when the brothers Edvard and Torjus Førre Erfjord from Stavanger met Nils Iver Holtar from Oslo. The conceptual framework of the band was immediately realised, and the following two years were spent writing songs, and acquiring the technical skills needed to perform live. Ultra Sheriff played their first concert, complete with synchronized graphics created by the band's animator, as well as fancy costumes and cosmonaut helmets. Everyone was talking about the band at The Elektrostat festival in Oslo. Galactic Fame became their only album and has never been on LP or CD.

1 Vengeance

2 Make Me A Cyborg

3 Spacehawk

4 Destroy All Humans

5 Nightvision

6 H.E.C.T.O.R.

7 Firestorm

8 Galactic Fame

9 Nemesis

10 The Artificial Race

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