Ultima Thule - I lovens navn - 1985 – Prog - NACD308

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In the name of the law, Ultima is Thule's debut album and was printed on cassette in 100 copies in 1985. The album was recorded in Thule Studio in March/April 1985 and consisted of Einar Jan Larsen (vocals and guitar), Jens Morten Søreide (vocals), Steve Riise Jensen (guitar and choir), Even Gaare (drums) and Peer-Einar Pedersen (bass, choir). In 1987 they changed their name to Thule. All of the band's releases have come in limited editions, and several of them go for relatively high prices on the second-hand market, despite the fact that the band is little known outside the prog community. Musically, the band has gone through a certain development, but the prog-rock roots have always been clear, and the same has a somewhat gloomy arctic touch.

1 Razzia
2 Ratz
3 Amen
4 Min Sønn
5 Generalens Vals
6 Krigens Ansikt
7 Reisen

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