TuriStene - Hard valuta – 1981 – 80s – NACD101

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TuriStene from Drammen was started in 1979 by Tor Coward and Espen Blattmann. The band released their first LP, Hard valuta , on the record company Notabene Records in 1981. In the same year, one of Norway's first music videos for the single "Fri" was produced by Norsk Film. This was shown, among other things, on the pop program Zikk Zakk on NRK. The line-up at the time was Espen Blattmann - guitar and vocals, Ove Nestaker - bass, Pete - drums and Tor Coward - vocals and guitar. The band disbanded in 1982, but later made a comeback. Hard valuta never been on cd.

1 Fri

2 Gråt ikke mer

3 Skyldig

4 Putta i bås

5 Lediggang

6 Mye mer å gi

7 Hvor langt

8 Noe mer

9 Voldtatt

10 Satan vik fra meg

11 John Hinckley

12 1:23

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