Trond Viggo - Harunosågirebort - 1977 – 70s – NACD460

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Trond-Viggo Torgersen is a man with an exceptionally versatile talent. He is a singer, lyricist, actor, presenter and doctor. As an artist, he has managed to conquer an audience that spans several generations. All Norwegians, from the youngest in kindergarten to the oldest in the old-age home, have a relationship with Trond-Viggo Torgersen - either via Children's TV, record releases, in the role of children's representative or through countless programs on NRK.

In 1976, he released his first children's album which, among other things, contained the song "Det var en gang en og en", and children's music was never the same.

1 Trond-Viggo kommer inn

2 God morgen

3 Det var en gang en og en

4 Hompetittenmelodi

5 Småprat

6 Røykevise

7 Tre små mus

8 Sov nå søtt

9 Haruonsågirebort

10 Kø

11 Våt samba

12 Brilleregle

13 Småprat

14 Slangeliv

15 Tevise

16 Småprat

17 Aftenbønn

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