Tramteatret - Naken greve jager neger med øks - 1982 – Pop/Rock – NACD188

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Tramteatret was a Norwegian, politically radical theater group that was active in the 70s and 80s. The group was founded in 1976 on the initiative of Liv Aakvik, after a nucleus left the Studentersamfunnets Theater at Chateau Neuf in Oslo. They made their recording debut in 1977.
In 1982, they were invited to release a record in the "Dagbladet cassette" series. Ole Paus had already had great success with the first cassette in the series, where a bit of the aim was to stretch the elastic in all directions. Dagbladet itself wrote: " They have brazenly and brazenly used us - Dagbladet as a starting point for infamous irony, exuberant motherhood, ugly exaggerations, gross libels against an editor and scorn for both soft men and 'Someone who fits for me', 'Barnas kort og goodt' and our own slogan 'Always ahead'."
The album contains the hit "Naken greve jager neger med øks" and a remake of "ingenting" from the band's first album.

1 Sommervalsen

2 Dusjnytt

3 Energisparetrudelutt

4 OL på Skarnes

5 Nasjonalkor

6 Spiseskikkvals

7 Den myke mann

8 Tannlegens fødselsdag

9 Det passer seg ikke

10 Reklame

11 Ingenting

12 Krampesjablongen

13 Rettsvettsreggae

14 Hattenytt

15 Mamma har jeg gudskjelov glemt

16 Pedikkposten (m/ grisevitser)

17 Naken greve jager neger med øks

18 Kampanjestart

19 Gutt med humør

20 Slutt

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