Torstein Holsen // Fremmed Rase – Pisspreik – NABOK040

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Pisspreik is the story of four friends, an underground milieu and a movement that turns cultural trondheim on its head in a period where punk and decaying rock are starting to smell old. The New York culture that made two previous attempts to conquer the country is now run by a third generation of hip-hoppers who cultivate the urban culture almost like a religion. The years of the late 90s and early 2000s are filled with jams, mixtapes and twelve-inch singles, culminating in 2003 with the album Pisspreik. The story is written by 73 model, dj and hip hop entrepreneur Torstein Holen alias Trepan Core le 1, who followed the first Norwegian wave of hip hop from the front row as a breakdancer in 1984, the west coast wave from Seattle in 89 and France's wave 2 from Paris in 96. Holen was baptized uncle hip-hop by Fremmed Rase and Trondheim's hip-hop godfather of the environment in the 90s. Holen has run and managed the vinyl shop Fatback, the record label Gaffa records, mid-Norwegian urban dance and music, Scandinavia's largest hip-hop festival 2xh, Norwegian competence center for hip-hop and urban culture, Norwegian hip-hopawards and Trondheim's most popular and longest-lived club concept Soultrain. He belongs to the hip-hop collective Gaffa Teamsters, Trhm Massive and New York's Lo life crew.

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