Torry Enghs - Hippie Hege en jomfru i nød - 1970 – 70s - NACD098

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Dance band from Toten, started in 1969. In its early years, Torry Enghs was a big band with a brass line-up, and with a repertoire that ranged from light pop tones to stealthy jazz beats. Later, the group became exponents of happy Norwegian dance music, with saxophone and steel guitar as important ingredients. The group is best known for their debut single and breakthrough song, "Hippie Hege", for which they received a silver record in 1970. The Swedish-sounding name Torry Enghs comes from the group's two founders: Trond "Torry" Eliassen (vocals, guitar, saxophone, trombone) and Arild Engh (drums). At the start, the orchestra numbered a total of eight men. Besides Eliassen and Engh, Torry Enghs consisted of Ivar Georg Hansen (organ, vocals), Tom Narten (saxophone, flute), Kjell Arne Olsen (trumpet), Jan Egil Båkind (trumpet), Sveinung Hovensjø (guitar) and Nils Østby (bass). . CC Bøyesen was the producer for the group's first single and LP. The single "Hippie Hege" was also launched in the markets of Germany, England, Spain and Sweden.


1 Hippie Hege

2 Ingen Shejk Är Jag

3 Sack-o-woe

4 En ledig dag

5 De tusen öars land

6 You won't see me

7 Jomfru i nød

8 Tra-la-la

9 Lollipops and roses

10 If i only had time

11 Fine Trine

12 Olsen-tragedien

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