Tornerose - Welcome to the City - 1980 – 80-tallet - NACD084

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Rock band from Bergen, formed in 1976 and disbanded in 1982. Tornerose was the band against the current. They bet on pure, unsullied rock inspired by The Who and British new wave in a period when music life in Western Norway was dominated by dance bands. The first line-up consisted of Jørn Kalvik (vocals), Per Fredrik Kjølner (guitar), Eirik "Pytten" Hundvin (bass), Torleif Iversen (drums) and Oddvar Ruud (guitar). The version of Tornerose that became nationally famous came together in 1978. Pytten, Kalvik and Kjølner had brought Magne Lunde (from Saft) with them, and this quartet won second place in the NM in rock in 1979. The effort during the NM in rock ( which was immortalized on the concert album NM i rock 1979) led to a record contract with Talent. The single "Keep The Music Livin'" from autumn 1979 was followed by the album Welcome To The City spring 1980. The album has never before been released on CD.

1 Prisoners

2 A Real Rocker

3 People All Over

4 I'd Rather Know

5 Gettin' Ready

6 Welcome To The City

7 Circumstances

8 Jack From The Black

9 Him Or Me

10 Down To Me

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