Tor Hammerø // Arild Andersen - Molde Concert NABOK026

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When Arild Andersen received a phone call in the autumn of 1980 asking if he could imagine putting together a dream band for Moldejazz 1981, it was not difficult for him to ask. The list of candidates was long, but after much back and forth, the star team Bill Frisell, Alphonse Mouzon and John Taylor ended up. The concert in Idrettens Hus in Molde was a magical experience and the NRK recording came to the attention of ECM manager Manfred Eicher and that year parts of the music were released on vinyl. In 2000, the CD version came with four extra tracks. Both Andersen and Frisell believe that the concert led to Molde Concert became absolutely decisive for their future careers.


Tor Hammerø has worked as a journalist in both television, radio and written media since the mid-80s. He was born and raised in Storgata in Molde and fell into the jazz pot very early. Hammerø was close to the "Molde Concert" project in the summer of 1981 and he has been picking out the music at regular intervals ever since.

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