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TOMA - TOMA (1982)
Pop group from Bergen formed in 1982, disbanded in 1985. Originally it was a duo consisting of Tore Thorsen (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards) and Magne Lunde (drums). Later, the duo was reorganized into a band consisting of six members. Both releases of Toma played light, catchy pop with timely arrangements. There were two ring foxes who formed the duo Toma in 1982. Tore Thorsen had made an LP with the group Shandy (with Egil Eldøen), while veteran Magne Lunde (from Saft og Tornerose) came straight from touring and recording with Jahn Teigen. Their first recording, "Hallo-Hallo", became a radio favourite, but shortly after the release of the album Toma (1982), Lunde chose to move on to other projects (including Prima Vera and Man Maid).

1 Casino

2 Så Fin Du Er

3 Sorte Bølger

4 Nautilus

5 Sesam

6 Hallo-Hallo

7 Skyggen Av En Drøm

8 Si Meg Hvem Du Er

9 Du Tar Feil

10 La Natten Bli Hos Meg

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