Tobben og Ero - En dans på nevroser – 1985 – Folk music – NACD318

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Tobben & Ero was a Norwegian music duo from Tromsø and consisted of Torbjørn Willassen and Jan Ero Olsen. They are often referred to as Norway's answer to Simon & Garfunkel. The duo looked to old masters to find texts they could set melodies to, and created music history with a bunch of records that are all considered to be Norwegian classics. Tobben and Ero wanted, like The Pussycats, to become pop stars in Sweden and traveled in 1969 to Stockholm. Coincidences meant that they were backed by Elton John on Swedish television and that Cornelis Vreeswijk became one of their big fans. They debuted with the album Fordums frukter, friske frø in 1972 and released five albums in as many years. After the release of Wedding in Kanaan in 1976, Tobben & Ero and Vreeswijk went on a nationwide tour that started in Halden in May 1976 and ended a month and a half later in Berlevåg. The three have since performed at the Kalvøya Festival, and at Club 7 in Oslo. Vreeswijk and Tobben & Ero played a concert together in the city of Leiden before Tobben & Ero went on tour to England. Eight years later, Vreeswijk and Tobben & Ero again recorded their respective records together in Aurora Lydstudio ii in Tromsø, where Alexandar Stojanovic had acquired a modern studio. The plate for Vreeswijk was called Mannen som älskade träd, and Tobben & Ero's album was called En dans på nevroser. Cornelis sings on the song "Babyland"


1 Skuta Går

2 De Evige Tre

3 Sangen Til Inga

4 Selma

5 Mitt Hjerte

6 Viddalåten

7 Nye Gatan

8 Gråstein

9 En Dans På Nevroser

10 Peter

11 Dette Går Ikkje Lenger

12 Hungerstanka Fra Ollikangas

13 Babyland

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