Thule - Frostbrent - 1993 - Prog - NACD528

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THULE – FROSTBRENT (1993)The Honningsvåg band Thule, which started in 1983, is probably marginally better known outside the world than here at home, as part of the Scandinavian new-prog movement which is still strong internationally. Still, despite a low profile at home, Thule's 1990 album Natt ended up on Morgenbladet's list of Norway's best record releases - even in a solid 54th place. Three years later came the album Frostbrent, which came in an edition of 1,000 CDs and 500 LPs in 1994.

1 En vakker dag

2 Sur sneip

3 Peise blakk

4 De store ordan

5 Hei, hei, hei!

6 Han sa....

7 Aldri

8 Frostbrent

9 Æventyr

10 Samme fan

11 Dekadanse(n)

12 Lykken står

13 Màn mæ telbake

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