Thowsen - Call Me Stranger - 1986 - 80's - NACD278

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Pål Thowsen (born 15 July 1955 in Lillestrøm) is a Norwegian drummer, mainly in jazz. He is known for his collaboration with a number of Norwegian and international jazz musicians, and has also released several solo albums and received two Spellemann awards. Call Me Stranger is a music album with Tor Endresen (his album debut) and Pål Thowsen, released in 1986. This is the duo's first record. The style is AOR à la Mr. Mister, Rick Springfield and Toto. Otherwise, the lyrics are mainly written by Ivar Dyrhaug, Svein Dag Hauge produces, and the band consists of i.a. Janne Schäffer/Svein Dag Hauge on guitar, Peter Ljung (ABBA) on keyboards in addition to Pål himself and the usual suspects; Rolf Graf, Per Kolstad and Geir Langslet.


1 Call Me Stranger

2 Young Americans

3 Black Rain

4 Man On The Run

5 Running On Fire

6 Tonight

7 Given It Up For Love

8 Andrea Doria

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