Thorbjørn Grønning - Galskapens teater - 1989 – 80-tallet - NACD118

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Thorbjørn Grønning's official discography counts only three titles: Mediumkassetten -død eller dop (1980), the single Europa/Anarki (1981), both released on Rille Records, plus the LP Galskapens Teater (1989) released on Thorbjørn Grønning's own Fallos Plater. Galskapens teater is the electro pioneer's only full-length, and was recorded in 1983-84, but was not released until 1989 as Grønning had to raise money for the release himself. He died in 1991, aged 32, and the record has become a rare cult classic.


1 Seremoni

2 The Mad Prophet

3 Cortez

4 Galskapens Teater

5 Jæren

6 Who Destroys Your Lives

7 Boknafjorden

8 Marocco

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