Thor-Rune Haugen // Folque – Folque – NABOK030

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The year was 1974. Fairport Convention made its Norwegian debut as the main attraction at the Kalvøya festival and interest in folk-rock was strong in this country. But what about our own tradition in this picture? Folque took the task seriously. Six dedicated young, skilled players went into the studio. The result was an album that caused justifiable attention. And that was the start of a long career. The story of that start deserves to be told.


The former music journalist Thor-Rune Haugen bought the record himself as an 18-year-old and became a great admirer of the band. He takes on the task of talking about the debut album. Helped by members of the band themselves. If 150 people want to read the story, Thor-Rune sets it in motion.

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