Thomas Hylland Eriksen // Moose Loose – Elgen er løs – NABOK045

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Guitarist Jon Eberson has been a central creative force in Norwegian music for half a century. Many of his records could have deserved a book. Not least his project from 1974, Moose Loose with the album Elgen er løs. A firework of a jazz record with its toes dipped in fusion and prog, released on Plateselskapet Mai in 1974 - a rather atypical record from that group. The band consisted of four legendary jazz artists: Pål Thowsen on drums, Sveinung Hovensjø on bass, Brynjulf ​​Blix on keys and Jon Eberson on guitar. The band name came from a children's book with English and Norwegian lyrics, where the aim was to create something entirely Norwegian ("Moose") and also sound loose ("Loose"), and there won't be anything particularly looser and looser than this.


Thomas Hylland Eriksen (1962) is best known as a social anthropologist and author, but he also has a lifelong love affair with the music that lies in the unruly borders between jazz, rock, pop and contemporary music. He even blows on the occasional woodwind when the situation calls for it.

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