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The Young Norwegians were started in 1966 as a vice duo consisting of Bjørn Morisse (guitar) and Lillebjørn Nilsen (banjo and guitar). As Bjørn Morisse was the taller of the two, he was nicknamed Store-Bjørn, while Bjørn Falk Nilsen was called Little-Bjørn. This nickname has since stuck with him. Lillebjørn Nilsen has told about their first meeting at the Dolphin Vice Club. He was sitting by himself playing the banjo when Bjørn Morisse came over, grabbed him by the shoulder and asked him to join him outside. 17-year-old Lillebjørn thought he was going to be beaten, and was so relieved when he was asked if they should form a vice group together that he immediately said yes. The weekly newspaper Det Nye dressed them up and presented them to the readers, and the vice group began performing at various events in Oslo and the surrounding area. The Young Norwegians released some singles on Triola and Troll in 1966, followed by the album Things On Our Mind.

1 Grannie

2 Four Strong Winds

3 Lullaby For Andre

4 Jeg Lagde Meg Så Sildig

5 Bourree

6 The Bad Woman & Automibile Talkin' Blues

7 Two Little Children

8 Det Står Ein Friar

9 The Gifts To My Love

10 The Old Churchwarden's Death

11 Folkvar Lomandson

12 The Little Grave

13 Last Thing On My Mind

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