The Young Lords - Same Shit, New Wrapping - 1980s - 80s - NACD016

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The Young Lords was a legendary rock band from Halden, started in 1978 as the Ice Cream Band, which in 1978 warmed up for Elvis Costello & The Attractions in Chateau Neuf in Oslo. In April 1979, they took the name The Young Lords, and took part, among other things, in the Kalvøya Festival. Consisting of songwriter Henning Kvitnes (vocals, guitar), Kalle Storm Andersen (guitar), Bjørn "Julle" Juliusson (drums), Pål Aasheim (bass) and Arne Sæther (keyboards) LP debut The Young Lords with Same Shit – New Wrapping in 1980. The album sold over 10,000 copies, and critics across the country pressed the band to their chests. With Kvitnes' English lyrics and the group's new wave/rock'n'roll, inspired by bands such as The Jam and The Pretenders, The Young Lords were the founders of what the music press dubbed "Halden rock". If we reach 150 buyers, we will press the album on CD.

1 Big Burden

2 Whistle in the Dark

3 Train, Train

4 Nowhere Left to Go (but Insane)

5 Pointed Fingers

  1. Can't Stand You
    7 There Will Be Boys

8 Welcome to the Weekend Party

9 Rat Race

10 Why-do-parents-treat-their-little-girls-so-bad-song

11 Night Out

12 The Clown

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