The Vanguards - Phnooole - 1967 - 60's - NACD174

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The Vanguards were a Norwegian band from Bærum who were active from 1961–1969. Many consider the band to be the leading Norwegian rock band from this period. They housed, among others, two of Norway's most prominent guitarists; Terje Rypdal and Freddy Lindquist. The band was very active, and held a number of concerts in Norway in addition to a couple of foreign tours. The band also served for a period as a backing band for Ray Adams and Millie Small. Their debut album Hjemme again was released on Triola in 1966, and the following year Phnooole came, which contained the singles "I Cry" and "Graduation Day".

The album has only been released on vinyl, and if we reach the target of 150 pre-ordered CDs, we will start production.

1 Tonight, Tonight

2 Hey Girl

3 One Track Mind

4 Mohair Sam

5 Graduation Day

6 I Must Try And Live Alone

7 Baby, No

8 In Think Of You

9 In Keep To Myself

10 I Don't Love You Anymore

11 In Cry

12 Madman

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