The Vanguards - Comanchero - 1986 - 80's - NACD514

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The Vanguards were a Norwegian pop rock band that had two of Norway's biggest hits in 1966. Terje Rypdal started his career in the band, which was initially a so-called "shadows band". In the 60s, they released the albums Hjemme again (1966) and Phnoole (1967), before Rypdal started Dream and the band was shelved.

In the 1970s Rypdal became an internationally recognized jazz artist and composer, Johnny Sareussen was a producer, Bjørn Nordvang released solo records and Leif Hemmingsen worked in a record company. The latter three and Knut Mikalsen re-formed The Vanguards in 1984 and released two good, mainly instrumental albums, Comanchero (1986) and Twang!!! (1990), before they entered the years in 2003.

1 The Breeze And I

2 The Rocket Man

3 Comanchero

4 Bleak House

5 Teen Scene

6 De Deilige

7 The Young Ones

8 Money Honey

9 Man Of Mystery

10 Another Goodbye

11 The Desperados

12 Twilight

13 Summer Holiday

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