The Tracemen - Ba-Ba-Bah-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Bah - 1988 – 80s - NACD323

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The Tracemen are from Skien and started in August 1985 by Frode Olsen (bass/vocals), Gunnar Strander (drums) and Per Sælør (guitar/vocals). Raw rock'n'roll was the recipe, inspired by bands such as Wilmer X from Scania and Dr. Feelgood from England. In April 1986, The Tracemen got a new man in the team - Roy Tore Olsen (guitar). The same year they played at the Thy festival in Denmark. Then it was on to the studio. The recording was done in two stages in the Audtec Athletic Sound Studio in Halden, first with Stefan Björk (Wilmer X bassist) as producer, then with Steinar Karlsen (Front Page), and the album Ba-Ba-Bah-Ba-Ba-Ba- Ba-Ba-Bah was recorded. The Tracemen, however, made their record debut with the flex single "Chinese Brain Food"/"How Wrong Can One Man Be" (not included on the LP), published as a supplement to the magazine Vinyl in early 1988. In September 1988, Roy Tore Olsen resigned, and the band continued as a trio. Around the turn of the year, Frode Olsen also resigned, and was replaced by Tore Wangen, who had been with him for a couple of months. The Cosmic Dropouts guitarist Lars Albrecht was then hired, and he and Sælør took turns playing bass. This group recorded and released the single "She's Got A Hard-on!"/"Looking Back" (That's Entertainment, 1990). In the summer of 1990, Frode Olsen was back, and in addition the band was reinforced with the aforementioned Steinar Karlsen on guitar. The Tracemen had their last concert in Moss on 7 December 1990, and the band disbanded soon after. However, they have subsequently been resurrected. The Tracemen appeared on the compilation album Rock 'n'Roll Stowaways (1989) with the song "Candy's Room". In 1997, the band released the CD-R Demo Tracks 1985–86, in a limited edition.

1 Teenage Bomber

2 Under My Skin

3 Sunny Day

4 Misery City

5 Naked

6 Six O'Clock News

7 Feeling Fine

8 At The Party

9 Sweet Christine

10 Down In Texas

11 Magazine Scream

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