The Pussycats - Pssst! Pssst! - 1966 – 60s - NACD307

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The Pussycats were among Norway's most important bands in the 1960s. The Pussycats were formed under the name The Arctics in Tromsø in 1964, and under this name they went to Sweden to try their luck. There they met Sten Ekroth, who offered to become their manager. It was Ekroth who gave the group the name The Pussycats. He also got them the Swedish organist Ingemar Stjerndahl from the group The Vexers. Their first two albums Psst! Psst! (1966) and Mrr… Mrr… (1966) go down as two of the best albums of the 60s.


1 Just A Little Teardrop

2 Let Me Stay With You

3 Free Love

4 Ebb Tide

5 What I Know

6 Purdy Patsy

7 Baby Baby

8 Little Sue

9 Don't Love Me

10 Love Me Tonight

11 So Sorry

12 Restless, Hopeless, Down

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