The Public Enemies – From Public Enemies Without Love – 1966 – 60s – NACD053

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Public Enemies was a Norwegian blues band. They were established in 1964 and ceased to exist in 1967. In their time, they were known as the country's leading blues band. The band originated in the jazz milieu at Club 7, which at the time was located in basement premises on Skillebekk in Oslo. The initiators were vocalist and harmonica player Thomas Bergh Monsen and drummer Ronnie Johanson, who after a few months left the drums to Jan Lie. Rolf Aakervik was guitarist in this initial period, until bassist Hans Marius Stormoen joined and gave the band its name. At the same time, the band was expanded with Arild Boman (organ), Petter Holm (guitar and vocals) and Bjørn Johansen (guitar and vocals). Later Christian Reim (organ) and Terje Rypdal (guitar) substituted. Public Enemies immediately became the house band at Club 7. In 1965, they were named the country's most popular pop band ahead of The Pussycats. From Public Enemies Without Love was their first album.

1 Out of Sight

2 green onions

3 Don't Fight It

4 In Don't Mind

5 Bo Diddley

6 Ya-Ya Song

7 Little Red Rooster

8 Bonnie Maronnie

9 Believe Me

10 Shake the Kinks Loose

11 Barry

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