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THE POPCORN EXPLOSION – HUNGER AFTER DINNER (1989)Oslo band, started in 1987 by Bulle (Geir Underdal; ex Betong Hysteria and Siste Dagers Hellige) on drums, Geir Birk Nilsen (parallel to in Russian Am-Car Club) on organ, Anders Lunde on bass, Finn Jørgen Solberg on guitar and Christopher Nielsen on guitar. Eventually the Australian Dick Bent came in on vocals. The Popcorn Explosion was a mix of punk, 60s psychedelia and early 70s hard rock. The band debuted with the 7-inch "Who Of Us Is Me"/"I Don't Love You" (VOW) in March 1988. Then Nielsen, better known as a cartoonist and cover illustrator (especially via the record covers for his brother's band [ Jokke & Valentinerne), said thank you, and the new guitarist was Rune Annaniassen, who, like Bulle, played in parallel in Diamond Dogs/Matchstick Sun. Bulle eventually prioritized this band, and was replaced by Torben Grue (ex Mayhem). Before this, the band received Tore Olsen's Rock prize of NOK 10,000. These agreed to the recording of the band's second single - "Hunger After Dinner"/"Fat Boy" (VOW), which was released in December of that year. Hunger After Dinner was also the title of the band's only album. The Popcorn Explosion held concerts from north to south in Norway, and performed during NRK TV's Rock 89, before the band disbanded in 1990.

1 Hunger After Dinner

2 Lord Of The Jungle

3 Rat Hunter

4 Fat Boys

5 Popcorn Song

6 Summer time

7 Million Miles

8 Hurricane

9 I Don't Love You

10 Calling

11 Who Of Us Is Me? (Extended Dance Version)

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