The New World Orchestra - Adventures - 1985 - 80's - NACD484

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THE NEW WORLD ORCHESTRA – ADVENTURES (1982) The New World Orchestra was formed in Munich in 1980 by Michael Strand (Micky) and Terry McCullough. They were two street singers who became aware of each other. Terry had been on tour in Germany, but stayed behind to get some new input. A few months later, American Niccolo Casewit also joined, as well as Dieter Lich on bass. American Jim Lampi (on Chapman Stick) sometimes played with the group on the street, and was later on tours in Norway. Simone Eichmeier (vocals and guitar) joined in 1981, and also has a song on the record. The group recorded the basis for an LP in Germany first, but it was not completed. Three of the group members came to Norway in September 1981 and stayed here. More people came to, i.a. Hege Rimestad, Nils Økland, Ida Heidel, and after a lengthy tour for the Festivals in Northern Norway, the album Adventures was recorded in Norway in 1982 in New York Studio with Haakon Mannheim behind the controls, and the following members: Terry McCullough, Michael Strand, Irene Tømta, Jim Lampi, Bruce Ferdinando, Tore Haraldsen, Nils Økland, Simone Eichmeier, and more. The album was released on Imac Records (the group's own label), and is listed as a mix of rock, funk, soul, pop, folk, world & country.

1 Dream Opus No. 2

2 Song Of Joy

3 Adventure Theme

4 Let It Rain

5 Once In A Dream

6 Dew On The Morning Grass

7 Like The Wind / Tomorrows Dream

8 Love The One You're With

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