The Kids – Sønner av Norge – 1981 – 80s – NACD026

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The Kids were founded in 1979 with a background from Sør-Trøndelag. Dag Ingebrigtsen came from Trondheim, and the rest of the group members came from Melhus. Some of the members had played together in other contexts before that time.

The first album Norske jenter was crowdfunded just a few days earlier, and now the stage is set for the follow-up Sønner av Norge . It turns 40 this year, and hopefully it will be celebrated in the Trøndish way this summer, if things go back to the way they were before.
If more than 150 people pre-order the album, we go into production.


1 Sexy

2 Rock 'N Roll Radio

3 Tre små ord

4 Tannlegeskrekk

5 Populær

6 Sønner av Norge

7 Tenåring

8 Skoletrøtt

9 Tårer

10 Stål i ben og armer

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