The Key Brothers And The Quivers ‎- Og Så . . . Kom Helgenen Frem – 1965 – 60s – NACD416

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The Key Brothers was a Norwegian vocal trio, which was established in 1957 by Lasse Hovd, Jan Hørtun and Tor Myrseth. When Jan Hørtun attempted a solo career in Germany in 1963, he was replaced by Lars Bjune. Arne Schultze was seized by the desire to play in Shadowsband and started The Quivers together with bassist Jan di Leggerini. They tried with several members, but ended up with Robert Kristiansen on drums and Tor Myrseth on rhythm guitar. Myrseth was therefore both in The Key Brothers and The Quivers. in 1964 the two groups merged to form The Key Brothers & The Quivers. The Key Brothers had the advantage that they were already well versed in singing three-part, and continuously added new songs by John Lennon and Paul McCartney to the repertoire. In May 1964, Arne Bendiksen secured 80% of the shares in Triola, and signed a contract with The Key Brothers and The Quivers, which stipulated that he would make four records a year, but the agreement was not respected and none came. They themselves wanted to follow Ellertsen over to his new company, Troll. They first had to work for Troll under the pseudonym The Troll Keys and Trollmennen, before they could be launched again as The Key Brothers & The Quivers. They now functioned almost as the house orchestra for Troll and supported many of their artists' recordings.


1 Og Så Kom Helgenen Frem
2 Min Första Barndomsår
3 The Knack 

4 En Ensom Rytter
5 Do You Voodoo?

6 Brønnen Der Hjemme

7 Din Tur 

8 Brød Med Smør På

9 Chathikes 

10 I Lust Och Nöd

11 Linda's Lullaby

12 Kriminaltango

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