The Enemies - The Enemies - 1967 - 60's - NACD102

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The Enemies were from Tønsberg, and it was there that Jahn Teigens made his recording debut, as bassist on the single «En hemmelig hemmelighet». The band was then called Anne-Mette with The Enemies. Teigen quickly rose through the ranks. Soon they were The Enemies and on the last single they were called Jahn Teigen

with The Enemies. The band was one of the few Norwegian beat bands that had the opportunity to release a full LP, but they had a short life, and the year after the record came out they disbanded. Teigen then went on a solo tour and played songs from the album, with The Enemies as a backing band - on audio tape.


1 Pudding Lane 

2 Wishes 

3 Blues (Listening) 

4 I Think We Finish Now 

5 Imagination Boy 

6 Not Even You 

7 Little Child 

8 Careful Eyes 

9 I Don't 

10 Arabian Caravan

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