The Beatnicks - And Now! The New Beatnicks - 1967 - 60s - NACD154

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The Beatnicks started in the shadows tradition, and made their record debut in 1962 as a backing band for Rannie Rommen on the single "Kili watch". The first single under his own name was "Flickorna i Småland", which was released the same year on Kjell Karlsen's record label Viking Music. The Beatniks achieved great popularity in Norway and Sweden, and in 1963 won the Nordic shadow band championship. After being present at the concert The Beatles held in Gothenburg, the group changed their repertoire, and later claimed that they went to Sweden as a shadow band and returned as a beat band. Svein Finjarn has been a central member since the beginning, although he has also been away from the band for longer periods. The Beatniks are still active, but have gone back to playing mostly in the shadow tradition again.

1 Street of Misery
2 The End
3 The Love Sound

4 Just for Myself

5 Leave Me Girl

6 A One Way Love

7 Your Own Fault

8 Come to Me

9 High and Mighty

10 Please Stay

11 Am I Losing Your Love

12 I'm Not Sorry

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