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Bjørn Sorknes, supposedly born in 1960, is a man whose fingers have been involved in a number of different projects, all of which are of very high quality, which collectively constitute a very exciting and somewhat unusual repertoire. Sorknes got his start in the prog band Genetic Control, which sometime around 79-80 transformed into Fra Lippo Lippi. Sorknes was only involved for the first release, where the band alternated between whimsical electronic pop and gloomy mood paintings. He then started 3rd Man in collaboration with FLL drummer Morten Sjøberg, at the same time he joined Mechanical Grave, which eventually became Holy Toy. 3rd Man released one single and one song on the Kitsch flex, while Holy Toy released a bunch of singles and two LPs before Sorknes gave up. I don't know what he did afterwards, but I do know that in 1983 he released the cassette The Bearburger on the Uniton label. The cassette is, as far as I know, recorded fairly primitively, with Sorknes as the only musician and composer, and shows his tendency towards experimental soundscapes in full bloom. The result is a very exciting cassette with something in the direction of ambient, but with so much structure and sometimes catchy melodies that it becomes difficult to categorize. The song "With Two Mouths Biting..." was included on the compilation album Maskindans - Norsk Synth 1980-1988


1 Looking For A Pedestrial Subway

2 Lonesome Cowboys In Overcrowded Sunsets

3 Account Numbers

4 When The Apple Eats The Bed

5 ....One Aching Tail

6 With Two Mouths Biting...

7 Trains, Not Amnesia

8 Pincet Movements

9 Empty Glasses Vs. The Death Of Dino S.

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