Tanabreddens ungdom - Dædnugádde Nuorat - 1974 – 70s - NACD366

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Dædnugádde Nuorat (Tanabreddens Ungdom) was a pop group from Karasjok that was formed in 1973 by Leif Wigelius. Wigelius had previously performed alone with his own translations into Sami of pop songs such as "Dollarjavr" ("Yellow River") and "Gukkin Lullin" ("Five Hundred Miles Away From Home"). Eventually Hartvik Hansen, Ingvald Guttorm and Irene Pettersen joined, and they were all interested in using the joik in a more modern musical guise. Tanabreddens Ungdom made their record debut in 1974 and quickly became known throughout Norway as well as in Sweden and Finland. From the debut album, which was Norway's first Sami-language record, "Gamle minner = Boares mui 'to" and "Deatnu Majja" became popular and visited Norsktoppen. Sture Janson, Svein Christiansen and Steinar Ofsdal also play on this disc.

1 Guok'telågi-åvci / Tjueni 

2 Dæno-Máj'já 

3 Prin'sán 

4 Avláš-Åvlá 

5 Ædni Mánná / Mors Barn 

6 Rái'ko  Boares Buol'bmát / Gamle Polmark 

7 Gål'bma Moar'si / Tre Kjærester 

8 Goatto-ænan / Hjemlandet 

9 Lák'šjåga Bæggán 

10 Boares Mui'to / Gamle Minner 

11 Lajesduod'dara Rig'gásæmos 

12 Áldubiellot / Simlenes Bjeller 

13 Guokte Čábba Nieida / To Skjønne Jenter 

14 Káre-Már'já  Ándir 

15 Ædni Nieida / Mors Egen Jente 

16 Elle-Máret 

17 Sámesiidat / Samebyene

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