Syk Kjærlighet - Identitet/Image – 1984 – K-Z – NACD457

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Syk Kjærlighet was a band with its origins in the youth center UFFA in Trondheim, where they grew out of the remains of the Kjærne family. The prime mover was Guttorm Nordø, a reasonably hardcore activist/aesthetic in the city's anarchist milieu. The band was related to a number of other bands from the period, including Det Glade Vanvidd, Angor Wat and Israelvis. The link between these bands is Viggo Mastad, who here acted as guitarist. Other members were Anders Erga, Jens-Petter Wiig and Åge Utnes, in addition to "Trond", "Pernille" and "Hilde", who clearly did not have a surname. The band released two versions of the cassette Identitet/Image (today's post is about no. 2), in addition to a split cassette with Det Glade Vanvidd. Nordø ended up as a recognized artist (probably Norway's first street artist), while other members visited Angor Wat and MessAge. Other than this I don't know, and I will therefore not comment more on the band's history. The music is an interesting mix of the hardcore tendencies that became increasingly evident in Trondheim via bands such as Angor Wat and an experimental, semi-industrial sound characterized by sampling, rhythm boxes and noise. The opening track Propaganda is a good example, split between noisy radio parts and relatively hard guitar riffing. It alternates between noise, play and fun, well exemplified via the short vignettes Camelia Assassin and Glade Dager, where a cheap organ plays a mournful circus melody and creates a break between the harder beats. Elsewhere there are recordings of German and French voices, probably left-wing stuff like Baader-Meinhof and the like, overlaid with driving music. Social Act is a reasonably catchy punk song with female vocals, and a highlight of the cassette. (Thanks to Eine Keine Angst Musik for stolen lyrics)

1 Propaganda

2 Back In Action

3 Chere Caroline

4 Camelia Assassin

5 Social Act

6 Glade Dager

7 Spass Guerilla

8 Walkin Talkin Blues

9 Bonus-spor: C.Palach (Babypunk A Gogo)

10 Bonus-spor: First Act (fra 2. versjon)

11 Bonus-spor: Notca Ni Kcab (fra 2. versjon)

12 Bonus-spor: Midnatt: 290883 (fra 3. versjon)

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