Svein Finjarn/Leif Jensen - Finjarn/Jensen – 1970 – Prog – NACD501

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Leif Jensen is a guitarist and drummer. He is best known for your time as drummer in The Vanguards and for his collaboration with Svein Finjarn throughout most of the 70s on records and concerts. He has also played drums for other Norwegian artists such as Knutsen & Ludvigsen, Øystein Sunde, Vazelina Bilopphøggers, Stiftelsen, Guttormsen & Ekholt Storband, Per Elvis Granberg and New Jordal Swingers (where he was a substitute for 1 concert in 1973). He has also played in bands such as Rypquist, Jumbo, Hole In the Wall and Finn Eriksen's orchestra

Svein Finjarn represents a unique historical timeline in Norwegian popular music that takes us all the way back to the Shadow period. He started his first band as early as 1957, Lucky Boy & His Crazy Rockets, before joining and starting The Beatniks in 1961, which is one of Norway's longest-living bands. They debuted as a single in 1962, released their first LP in 1967, and released their last album for the time being in 2008. Svein Finjarn has been with us since the beginning, and must be considered one of our best guitarists of all time. He has been greeted by The Beatles (Gothenburg 1963) and played at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool (1965). He has also released several solo records and has otherwise left his mark with e.g. The Blue Secrets, The Cannons, Jumbo, Finjarn-Jensen, Fresh Air and New Jordal Swingers. Finjarn & Jensen is a music album with Svein Finjarn and Leif Jensen, released in 1970. This is the duo's only record. With them were Arild Krosby - bass, choir Arne Kvikstad - guitar, choir Freddy Lindquist - guitar, choir, songwriter. 1 One More Day

2 Blue And Peaceful

3 What Else Can We Do?

4 Lady Windsor

5 New Day

6 Gray Skies

7 Sorry Girl, But Now I Know Things Will Be Much Better Now You've Gone

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