"Suser Avgårde" (7th place)

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7th place in the Morgenbladet Top 100 Series.

Suser avgårde changed Norwegian rock and pop forever. The record broke down the opposition between the two genres, and struck a chord both in the underground milieu and in the wider community. It has contributed a long series of recognizable phrases to the Norwegian language, and paved the way for both Norwegian pop poetry and naivety.

Through conversations with the band itself, key players in the eighties, music life and Lars Lillo-Stenberg's Norwegian teacher, we get to hear the story of a boundary-breaking album.

Marius Lien (b. 1975) is a journalist at Morgenbladet. Together with Christer Falck and Alf van der Hagen, he has taken the initiative for the selection and book series Morgenbladet top 100. He has previously published the book Svart Messias (2011).

Author: Marius Lien

ISBN: 9788293039228 Release year: 2011
Format: 12 x 18 cm Sides: 128 Binding: The booklet Language: Bokmål

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