Stoney Albright - Stoney plays the Blues – 1985 – Blues/Country - NACD239

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Steinar Karl Albrigtsen, singer, guitarist and composer, born 04.01.1957 in Hammerfest, raised in Tromsdalen. An artist who can claim much of the credit for country music being accepted in Norway in the 90s. Brak debuted on record in 1990 with the album Alone Too Long , which sold 180,000 copies and was awarded the Spellemann prize. However, Albrigtsen was no newcomer – he had been doing blues, country and American folk tunes since the early 70s, and in the mid-80s he was a member of the rockabilly band Bad Boys for a three-year period. As a blues artist, he called himself Stoney Albright and had the cassette Stoney Plays The Blues released in 1985 on the Likvidér label Sang.


1 Stoney In My Passway
2 Helhound’n My Trot

3 Me &The Devil Blues
4 Nobodys Dirty Buis
5 Steady Rollin’ Man
6 Mose Allison Piano Blues
7 Rainy Day Blues
8 Future Blues
9 Police Dog Blues
10 Satisfied

11 KindKearted Woman
12 Ol’ Devil
13 Keep It Clean

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