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The three phenomenal records Wait by The Fire - Songs of Chip Taylor (2012), Bless Us All - Songs of Mickey Newbury (2014) and Come Tomorrow - Songs of Townes Van Zandt (2016) where Paal Flaata interprets song treasures from three of America's foremost songwriters, is also a hub that refers to Flaata's entire career. Two of the records were nominated for the Spellemannsprisen. In 2017, the trilogy was released as a 4CD box set as Songs - The Trilogy Collection. During the years Paal Flaata worked on the trilogy, his old band Midnight Choir made a successful comeback on concert stages, and Flaata filled concert halls and churches with his Elvis tribute together with Vidar Busk and Stephen Ackles. This is the story of Norway's perhaps foremost vocalist and interpreter of the American treasure chest. So Bless Us All.

Stian Johansen (b. 1976) lives in Skien. He published Jeff Tweedy, as it were, on Aschehoug publishing house in 2014. Since then, he has published several books of poetry, novels and short stories in the same place. He has worked as a cultural journalist. 1

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