Stengte dører Alt er alt ingenting er mer - 1990 – Punk/New wave- NACD267

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Norwegian-language hardcore band from Oslo with origins in the environment around the Blitz house in Pilestredet, started in the spring of 1985. The people behind the band were Anders Eide (guitar), Harald Tredal (drums) and Dag Rasmussen (bass) - all had a past in Svart Framtid - and Hasse Jørgensen (song) ex Vår Ære Og Vår Makt. After a short time Jo Raknes from Blindt Hat took over the bass job, and with this line-up the group recorded a split EP together with Yugoslavian Proces in 1985. In the spring of the following year, Børre Løvik joined on guitar. He had a past from the legendary Molde band Bannlyst (released the 7-inch "La dem ikke lure deg" and a split tape with Angor Wat, both in 1984) and Psykisk Terror. Later in 1986, he started the band So Much Hate together with mates from Bannlyst, and for several years he played in parallel in the two bands. For a year Stengte Dørre had two guitarists, but in the spring of 1987 Eide was out. They made their album debut on the German company Double A Records with Sangen om vår vidunderlige verdenin 1988. In 1991, their third album came out Alt er alt ingenting er mer.


1 Alt skal kunne tas på

2 Mannen som ser

3 Takras

4 Alt er alt ingenting er mer

5 Tid

6 Shadow Showdown

7 På tynn is

8 Ting som skjer

9 Stille aleine

10 Fisken

11 Barndom

12 Det bor en bøddel i alle

13 Et rom

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