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The year was 2019. A guitarist in the city had given me a clear message: You cannot be a music reviewer in Stavanger without knowing Popface - the band with the sound and volume that had inspired The Wombats and Team Me, as well as a number of newer Tasta bands . The best album was clearly "Michele, I Love You". The 2002 album was certainly of a caliber worthy of world domination, and brought grown men to tears. These statements, and the small but cult-like fan base, made me curious: How did "Michele, I Love you" come about, and what happened to Popface?

Stella Marie Brevik (b. 1995) started as a runner for Karmakosmetix Records in 2010. After six years as an industry potato in Kristiansand, she moved to Stavanger to get an education, in case she would one day need a livable salary. She ended up at Platekompaniet, then on to the culture department in Stavanger Aftenblad. When they needed a reviewer who could cover Drake and similar species, she raised her hand and has been there ever since.

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