Stein Ove Berg - Visa di - 1975 – Folk music- NACD234

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Stein Ove Berg from Kløfta i made his radio debut in Søndagsposten in 1971. He has written some of the labor movement's most famous songs. He worked as a journalist in parallel with which he became an increasingly recognized singer. The debut Kommer nå was released in 1974, and the sequel Visa di (1975) followed in the same musical vein, but now the focus was on love. The good, the difficult, the scorned and the lost. Visa di was more blue-toned than Kommer nå , which was exemplified by "Amanda Blaine," an American folk song about the Battle of Shiloh in 1862 during the Civil War. Berg also sang about equality from a different and surprising angle, that of the housewife. "What about Andersen's wife at Skarnes" was a song that did not go down well with well-educated women's activists. The record also contained Berg's first re-poetry of Joni Mitchell: "Morning Morgantown" became "Morgen i vår by". Visa di was awarded the Spellemann prize for the year's visa plate in 1975.


1 Visa di

2 Godtrall på høykant

3 Litt om kjærlighet

4 Vise om ei ny tid

5 Amanda Blaine 

6 Blues i grått

7 Hva med kona til Andersen på Skarnes

8 Do og Do

9 Andersen In Memoriam

10 Morgen i vår by

11 Møte

12 Slides fra Syden

13 Avisene bringer bilder

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