Stein Ove Berg - Vei-Viser - 1979 – Folk music – NACD170

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Stein Ove Berg from Kløfta i made his radio debut in Søndagsposten in 1971. He has written some of the labor movement's most famous songs. He worked as a journalist in parallel with which he became an increasingly recognized singer. Vei-Viser was released in 1979 and was his fifth album. With him he had a star team with members from Popol Ace, Freddy Lindquist, Iver Kleive, ASA and Henryk Lysiak, just to name a few. If we reach the target of 150 pre-ordered CDs, we will make the album.


1 Stine Maris vise

2 La meg dra dit igjen

3 Luringen

4 Vis meg et sted

5 Kunstner min pike du maler

6 Farvel

7 Den siste visa

8 Willin'

9 Hva fikk du i natt

10 Farmer'n fra Stryn

11 Eva (Amandah)

12 La meg være stille

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