Stein Ove Berg - Bergtatt - 1981 - Folk music – NACD339

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Stein Ove Berg from Kløfta i made his radio debut in Søndagsposten in 1971. He has written some of the labor movement's most famous songs. He worked as a journalist in parallel with which he became an increasingly recognized singer. He made his debut in 1974 with the record Kommer nå, while Bergtatt was his 7th album. Here he brought parts of Lava, Marius Müller and Hilde Heltberg, just to name a few. The album spent seven weeks on the VG-lista and ended with 17th place as the best position.

1 En dag i april

2 Langesund

3 Det er for deg

4 Før alle går hver til sitt

5 Ord

6 La ordene få ligge

7 Ikke gå forbi

8 Lørdag

9 Lise

10 Vi lever

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