Stavangerensemblet - På bommen - 1982 - 80-tallet – NACD024

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The Stavanger Ensemble was a rock band from Stavanger formed in 1974. The band was the leading band within what was called the Stavanger Wave in Norwegian rock in the early 80s, a wave that also consisted of bands such as Mods, Asfalt and Smalhans. One of the characteristics of the wave was the use of Stavanger dialect in the lyrics. The band is also known for its very energetic frontman Frode Rønli.

The band's fourth album, På bommen , came out in 1982 and won the Spellemannprisen 1982 in the rock category. That record has never previously been out on CD, but we can do something about that now.


1 Ikkje sku meg ned

2 Drevne damer

3 Radioaktive helt

4 Knud

5 Slaps
6 Sjikkelige sjømann

7 Alt har ein ende

8 Liga hollen?

9 Doktor, doktor

10 Nygglaknippesang

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